That gym work paid off

I stuffed up.

I was committed to an easy line selection and at the last minute I chose a line with a larger drop off in it. I didn’t have enough speed for the drop.
My front wheel plummeted as I went over the big drop.
The inevitable outcome from doing this is to go OTB and crash on your head. Only I didn’t!
I launched the bike forwards as hard as I could, and never felt like I was going to go over. I did get a “what the ____ were you doing?” - and rightfully so.

Never change your line at the last minute for no reason. It never turns out well.

Years of swinging Kettlebells means I have a pretty good core and shoulder musculature. I used not only every millimetre of travel my fork had to offer (I didn’t even know it compressed quite that far) but I also used most of my upper body strength. A couple of days later and I could feel a twinge of it in my shoulders.

I got away with it.

Every week I watch the Friday Fails on Pinkbike. Mostly people dramatically stuff up jumping to get on this video. But sometimes it is an entirely survivable situation, if only the person had the strength and reactions to force it to stay upright.
I’m really bloody glad I didn’t end up as a candidate for the Friday Fails.