The ITT bike

Mine was the first one with the Bayonet fork. They only made it exactly like this for one production run. Just a few months later they made more with the Bayonet2 fork - using quite different bits. It meant that when I wanted a shorter stem, I was out of luck without buying a whole new fork (the stem is proprietary to the fork).

I bought this about 10 years ago. I built it up from a bare frame, so it hasn’t had many changes - I put it together the way I wanted it from the beginning.
Frame, fork, seat post and stem came from Felt.
Bars are HED - but I did change the forward extensions. Why is a long story.
Bar-end shifters, brakes, front and rear derailleur, chain and cassette are all Dura Ace.
Cranks are FSA NeoPro carbon cranks with solid aero profile. Pedals are Speedplay track Zero.
Seat is a Fizik Ares.
Bottle is the Bontrager TT bottle and cage.

Those wheels are not the race wheels. Mostly they hold it up off the ground between races. I use a HED3 front wheel and a FastForward disc in the rear for racing. Tyres are Continental SuperSonic 20mm - about the fastest and lightest road tyres available at the time I assembled the bike (and still up there).

It also has a TT mount for my iBike.

This bike is fast.