Compact cranks

The first road bike I bought when I came to Australia was a Trek 2300 - Ultegra STI. The gearing was 42/53 chainrings with a 12-21 cassette (8-spd).
Low gear was 42/21 = 2:1 = 54 gear inches.
High gear was 53/12 = 4.4:1 = 120 gear inches.

The Checkpoint are 34/50 chainrings with an 11-29 cassette (12-spd).
I mostly ride it as a 1x from the big ring.
In this case the low gear is 50/29 = 1.7:1 = 47 gear inches. Considerably lower than my old low gear!
High gear is 50/11 = 4.5:1 = 123 gear inches. A bit higher than my old high gear!
And I can bail out to 34/29 when necessary. 1.2:1 = 32 gear inches.

I still prefer the feel of the full-size rings on my Madone, but these certainly have a place. And most riders benefit from the more useable gearing.