Custom-made Clothing

After months of searching for a supplier, drawing the images, and planning the colours I finally have "coaching wear" that I am proud of. It begins with the Haida-inspired icons I drew. The seven creatures are:

Raven, the intelligent trickster;
Orca, the wolf of the sea;
Salmon, the relentless swimmer;
Sun, the light of the daytime sky;
Eagle, the swift predator;
Wolf, the pack hunter; and
Bear, the solitary predator.

For 2014 I decided to change the colour scheme to green & blue instead of black & red - in the years that I have been racing in the red right sleeve several groups have adopted similar colours making it harder to identify my jersey in a busy race. Plus it was time for a change.
Handicap skinsuit Me near the finish of the Vet’s Club secret handicap
Half lap to go Kathryn crosses the finish line with 1/2 a lap to go in the secret handicap
Below on this page I will continue to post photos of riders in the black gear (as well as the Champion System proof pictures) so that those of you who browse by on the web can see what the gear looks like.
Over the summit Me at the Scott 24 (jersey, knicks, undershirt & bandana)
TT mode Kevin at Nationals (booties, gloves and speed suit)
Wildside stage finish Trudy waves to her admirers
Ballarat Warm-up Kevin on the trainer (jersey over speed suit)
Ballarat Warm-up 2 Kevin models the rear of the jersey
Coaching time Kevin and I discuss the TT (jersey and bibs)