Bicycle Fitting

Everyone who rides a bike wants to be comfortable while riding. It sounds pretty simple, but sometimes it is quite complicated. I really love the happy look people get when they find that “right” position that allows them to ride as much as they want without discomfort.
For competitive cyclists the issue may not be so much comfort as efficiency - a good racing position makes the rider more efficient. Higher efficiency equals greater speed for the same effort, which just might turn that top-ten finish into a victory.
I do not sell bicycles or bicycle parts so I have no vested interest in selling you anything. I just want to see people riding their bike more and enjoying it because they are positioned comfortably.
Most of my fitting clients come to me because they are uncomfortable on their current bike and hope that I can fix this. The better time to come and see me is before you buy a (new or second-hand) bike.

Brand-independent purchasing advice

If you are shopping for a new bike and want to make sure it fits, you can try out the exact bike you want to purchase. That is a good plan, if you can make it happen.
Just a few reasons why you might not be able to ride the bike you want to buy include purchase via mail-order or e-Bay, buying on the change of model years, or the desire for a more obscure brand that is not well stocked locally. My adjustable bike can duplicate the geometry of any other bike so you can feel how it will fit without ever touching the actual bike.

Adjustments to your current bicycle

If you already own a bicycle but are not as comfortable on it as you should be, it often takes an experienced observer to pick what is causing the problem. I have years of practice helping people get comfortable. It can be as simple as a change of stem length, or it can be as complicated as finding out that your current bike cannot make you comfortable.

Custom frame design

A custom-made bike is a beautiful thing. Geometry, colour and style that suit your body and your personality with millimetre accuracy. For anyone considering a custom frame, a good fitting is essential. There are many frame builders who are able to do this for their customers, but for Canberra residents it means travelling to the builder. Some builders do not offer this service (particularly inexpensive Asian produced frames). I can provide an opportunity to “ride” your custom geometry before you commit to it.
Beyond just the aspects of fit, I can assist with the overall frame design. What amount of trail is appropriate for your new bike? How long should the chainstays be? How high should the bottom bracket be? There are a multitude of design traits that do not always end up as they should be with a custom frame. My experience will help you to avoid these expensive pitfalls.
The magical fitting bike
The fitting bike

My fitting paradigm

There are many schools of thought and numerous commercial systems for bike fitting. My own personal philosophy is that it takes time to develop a good bike fit. I prefer to make adjustments in small amounts and allow the body time to adapt to the changes before making a judgement on the effectiveness of those changes. Rather than spend 3-4 hours in one long stretch I would prefer to see someone several times over the course of a few months to make sure I get it really right. Having said this, most of the time it only takes one visit to achieve the desired results.