Michael Hanslip

Welcome to the website for bicycle coaching services offered by Michael Hanslip. I have nearly 35 years of competitive experience in road, track and mountain bike racing, over 20 years experience in the bike industry and have been coaching for more than 10 years. I am a Level 2 coach in the
Cycling Australia system a Level 1 coach in the Mountain Bike Australia program and a Level 1 instructor in the Professional Mountain Bike Instructor system.
I am located in Canberra. I do provide training programs to cyclists located elsewhere, in cities such as Sydney, Hong Kong and London. Skills teaching definitely requires in-person attention. Fitting is so much easier when the cyclist comes to me, but I have done this via email and fax before with good success.
15% grade in 40 degree heat
A 15% climb Nevada USA
As a scientist I bring a solid science-based approach to every aspect of cycling. You can benefit from my attention to detail.
On these pages you will find a brief description of the services I offer. I invite you to contact me (the link is at the bottom of every page) if you want to discuss how I might help you to better enjoy your time on the bike. It doesn’t matter if you are a serious or casual competitor or even if you do not compete at all. Everyone who rides a bike is welcome.

  • bicycle fitting
  • custom frame design
  • personalised training programs
  • skills teaching
  • writing
  • strength & flexibility instruction
A very steep rock descent Whistler, BC