Training Programs

The process begins with a discussion about where you are and where you want to go with your cycling. I begin with your main goal event, which could be the club or national championships or a participatory event like
Étape du Tour or the Audax Alpine Classic. From there I work backwards to the starting point and lay out a season plan for your training.
From this point there are two options. Some cyclists need to be “responsible” to the coach and they get this through a process of regular feedback. Others are independent and happy to take their program and go off on their own and follow it.
All of my programs include PDF versions of detailed instructions specific to the exercises included in your training.

Laz racing in HK
The criterium Lawrence in Hong Kong

Regular feedback

My preferred method of delivery for training programs is via an ongoing relationship between cyclist and coach. While the general plan is laid out for the season, the specifics for each week are only worked out one month at a time. This way each month can build on the previous one and make allowances for set-backs or breakthroughs.
Every week or so we will have a conversation about how your training is progressing. This frequent communication helps me to ensure that you never get too far off track (neither too tired nor too fresh and that you are developing all of the aspects of fitness required).
Michael at NSW titles
The individual pursuit DGV, Sydney

Turn-key programs

Some individuals, however, do not require or desire this level of interaction with a coach. For these people I offer a season plan delivered complete. This is great if you know basically what you want from your program and just require a little direction to get there. While this style of program doesn’t allow for illness or injury, for example, for many it is all that is required. Usually I only get feedback from people on seasonal programs when they need modifications or a new program.
Michael metres from winning
The race winning move near Tharwa south of Canberra


Many cyclists have a training routine worked out that works pretty well for them, but every program hits a plateau on occasion. For these individuals I offer a consultation service. We can have a discussion about your current training and the options that would put things back on track for you.
Michael in a club race
The break away Old Federal Highway north of Canberra